is a top-class game you draw, and I guess.  In this game, you will attract the selected words and let other members guess them successfully.  The faster the task is completed, the higher the score will be.  Therefore, when playing games, you need to maintain absolute seriousness and concentration to ensure that you can quickly guess.’s game operations

In, you will draw the content to be interpreting through the left mouse button.  If you are a guesser, type the answer by tapping the keyboard.’s game content

This game is composed of drawing and guessing.  Painters take turns to work, so when painting, you need to fully understand the content of the words and draw them vividly.  Then when you guess the words according to the picture, the faster you think, the higher the score you will get.  Note that there will be a timer in pay attention to the change of time and try to finish it as soon as possible.’s game features

Every game in has a timer, so be sure to give full play to your intelligence.  You can also create art, through simple brush strokes, so that teammates can understand its meaning;  And here you can play a word game, guess other people’s intentions, announce the correct answers, and challenge your understanding and creativity.

We envy the excellent marksmanship of snipers and are also interested in sniper rifles and scopes. What kind of world does the sniper see through the scope?